Consumer behaviour

It’s not consumers’ job to think what they want. Offer them something new and different, they will like it. They will love it and they will purchase it. Any private company is established with a motive to be in the market for the long-run and with a motive to make a profit. Once they come up with some idea about any product and, before they launch their product, they do all researches about potential market and about their consumers. Today when there are hundreds of organisations with the same products and with the same promise to fulfil the consumer needs, it is very difficult for any new company to gain a foothold in the market. It is therefore necessary for a company to know the consumer behaviour. Consumers are very unpredictable in nature. If they are not satisfied with the products they switch to other products of the same nature of different company. So it is very hard to induce consumers towards their products for long time. Companies like Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony and etc. are among the few lucky companies that have huge fan following and have many loyal consumers. This is the reason why they are very successful. They know how to hold their consumers. They keep updating and evolving themselves with the market trend. What we can assume from this is that people have problem and if a company can solve it, then, people will come to him and will make him and his company profitable.

Sailesh Chaudhary, Kathmandu

Crisis avoided

The current political crisis in Sri Lanka is over now. Political games or volatile situations in the administrative regime always pose threats to the countries and their people. There have been many examples so far and on many occasions the people across the world have suffered a lot due to various political dramas having taken place so far. The authority figures at the top hierarchical structure should always work for the countries and the people, sidelining the unnecessary things. They should understand the people and work towards the betterment of the countries. Sri Lanka is a humble beautiful country in the Asian region. It being one of the famous tourist spots, Sri Lanka is home to the beautiful mix of Tamil-Sinhalese culture and scenic natural vistas. The people from the region are knowledgeable and hard-working. The Asian countries should avoid such volatile political situations and the countries in the region should work in the best interests of the people dumping all kinds of unnecessary and nasty things.

P Senthil Saravana Durai, Mumbai