CREDOS : A wave of joy — II

In my mind, there is nothing better than spending the day surfing – except teaching someone else how to surf. I was a little nervous conducting my first impromptu surf lesson, but

at once I realised I had been surfing since I was ten. The first thing I did when we got to the beach was point out the different colours in the water and what that meant – a sandy bottom creates a lighter colouring and so on. We talked about what makes a wave break and where to be in order to catch it. We spent an hour in the sand before we even got in the water.

So far my first surf lesson was going great. All the time I took explaining how waves broke and how to paddle over, around, and under them had paid off – Joy had made it out past the surf with ease. Once we were beyond where the waves were breaking we were able to sit on our boards and talk. “Are you ready to ride your first wave?” I asked Joy. She did. As luck would have it, a great wave was approaching us. “Joy, are you ready?” I asked. She nodded.

Joy not only caught the wave perfectly, but she rode it all the way to shore. I caught the next one and rode it in. Joy was jumping up and down on the sand, screaming with excitement. We spent the rest of the day surfing together, and when we were done I knew Joy was hooked.

I also knew I was hooked on teaching people how to surf. So when Joy said, “This is the best day of my life,” I answered back with, “Me, too.”— (Concluded)