CREDOS : An extra minute

They crossed in front of me as I was driving out of the store parking lot. My first reaction was anger at being delayed for a whole ten seconds. I realized that this was an elderly couple who briefly delayed my departure.

The man was large in stature but bent over from a lifetime of hard work. He leaned on his wife who walked in front of him. He not only used her for support but it was obvious that he was visually impaired as well. She was his eyes and his crutch, literally.

If we look carefully, like children, we’ll find wonders around us. The two of them worked as one; each needing the other to function in this fast-changing world. That little example of

true strength changed my whole personal perception of life that day.

That picture of those two elderly people walking with dignity and strength stayed with me the entire week. My life wasn’t so bad after all. I had my health and a good job. I had a wonderful, supportive wife. You can’t put a dollar value on true love and emotional support.

There are so many people out there just like that couple. We should all have a little extra time and patience when it comes to helping our elder friends. My wife and I sometimes picture ourselves in our old age, walking arm-in-arm into the sunset. That image always gives us a warm feeling of comfort. Just remember, none of us would be here if it wasn’t for our elders. Spend that extra minute to listen, learn, and help. —