CREDOS :Angelic help

Before I share my angelic encounter, I must tell you that I was an atheist at the time of this event. I had grown up in the church, but I left at a young age. After what happened with my toddler, however, I started questioning my atheism.

I no longer deny that God exists, a loving father who watches over us all. My now 16-year-old son was just a baby, not yet 1-year-old, when he developed night terrors. Each night without fail, he would sit in his crib, stare off into space, and scream for hours without end. I could only stand by helplessly and watch. His pediatrician could offer no help.

One Saturday morning, I was helping my mother set up for a yard sale, paying little attention to the middle-aged, heavy-set oman browsing our wares. I must have looked exhausted because my mother asked if we’d had another bad night. I told her that we had, and that is when the woman approached. She apologized for eavesdropping, and introduced herself as a Wiccan high priestess. She then asked if she could pray for my son. I desperately wanted help for my son, I accepted this oman’s offer of prayer. After giving her my son’s first name — Michael — she turned and walked away. My son had slept peacefully through the night! It was the first time he had done so in over a year!

While visiting my mother, we tried to piece together who this woman was and where she might have come from.

I believe she was an angel, sent to help my son by God, who knows all too well the pain of watching a child suffer. She came to me when we needed her most, and she presented herself in the only form that I would accept. In all these years, he has never had a bad dream. I believe our angel remains with my family to this day. —