CREDOS: Beyond words — II

One particular week, a prayer request seemed rather urgent to Nancy. She shares, “I tried to contact the woman by phone, but her phone was disconnected. So I decided to write her a note of encouragement and drop it by her house.”

When Nancy drove up in front of the woman’s house, she saw smashed pumpkins on the driveway, trash cans dumped over, and lots of egg yolks running down the side of the house.

“I had to be careful where I walked as I went to the front door.” She tucked the note inside the screen door and prayed that this woman’s problems would be resolved.

“As I drove away, I wondered how long it would be until she came home from work. I wondered whether it would be too dark for her to notice my little card. I wondered if she would see the smashed pumpkins or trip over them.” Nancy’s car slowed down as she came

to the realisation that leaving the card inside the woman’s door was like saying to her, “Be warmed, be filled, go in peace.”

Nancy found herself at one of those life intersections. At all intersections there are choices to make.

“I had planned to run some errands, but somehow my car ended up back in my driveway. I changed my clothes and gathered a bucket, some rags, and a scrub brush. I prayed that there would be a hose and a faucet outside her house, as I got back into my car to return to her house.” She rehearsed a speech in case the woman had arrived home. —