CREDOS: Cost of hope — III

Another tear rolled down her cheek as she pointed to the refill cost printed clearly on the label: $20.00. It was at that moment that Danielle was renewed with a sense of hope and peace. She told Amy that she did not know, but God did. While Amy’s situation seemed to be a mountain before her, God alone could help her navigate every step and meet every need to move beyond that mountain, one step at a time.

Now with just twenty dollars left in her wallet, Danielle decided to try cashing her paycheck at just one more bank before heading home. While she anticipated the rejection she

had received at so many other banks, she was somehow filled with renewed confidence and optimism. With hope in hand, she walked into the bank adjacent to the women’s centre. Moments later, the bank cashed her paycheck without any questions asked. Beaming, Danielle returned home. While she knew there would be days ahead that would certainly hold challenges, her newfound hope inspired her.

She never did see Amy again, but she continues to rest confidently that God is still looking out for her and is meeting her daily needs, just as he continues to look out for Danielle and her two children.

As for Danielle, it has been three years since that day. While she realises true hope has no price tag, she continues to be thankful for the lifetime supply that she received for the price of just 20 dollars. — (Concluded)