CREDOS: Durga — IV

Durga is worshipped as Chandraghanta on the third day. There is a half-circular moon in her forehead. She has three eyes and ten hands holding with ten types of swords , weapons and arrows, etc. She is seated on a Lion and ready for going to war. She is an unprecedented image of bravery.

The fourth Durga is worshipped as Kushmanda.

The Shakti creates Universe by mere laughing. She resides in solar systems.

She shines brightly in all the ten directions like the Sun. She has eight hands. Seven types of weapons are shining in her seven hands. A rosary is in her right hand. She seems brilliant riding on the Lion. She likes the offerings of “Kumhde.” Therefore her name “Kushmanda” has become famous.

Likewise, the fifth name of Durga is “Skanda Mata”. After observing penance, the daughter of Himalaya, got married to Shiva. She had a son named “Skanda.” Skanda is a leader of the army of gods. Skanda Mata is a deity of fire. Skanda is seated in her lap. She has three eyes and four hands. She is white and seated on a lotus.

The sixth Durga is Katyayani. The son of “Kat” as “Katya”. Rishi Katyayan was born in the “Katya” lineage. Katyayan had observed penance with a desire to get Paramba as his daughter. As a result, she took birth as a daughter of Katyayan. Therefore, her name is “Katyayani”.

She has three eyes and eight hands. These are eight types of weapons (missiles) in her seven hands. Her vehicle is the Lion.