CREDOS: Feathered friend — I

I had seen him before. In fact, I believe now that, after seeing him nearly every time I go into the backyard, that there is a purpose in our meeting so often. I speak to you of signs, verbal nudging, brilliant, glowing, attention-grabbing moments, that make me aware that God is trying to say something to me. But there are also subtle, seemingly insignificant occurrences that may, in fact, bring even more important issues to light. He sent me a feather. “Oh, Bob, there are feathers all over the yard around bird feeders,” you might reply. That’s true. So what is so significant about this one? The tiny bird handed it to me. “Okay, too much medication, Bob!”

It is most likely the fact that because I am back to my old self, I have once again found life in the smallest of things. Most of which goes unnoticed. A chickadee. A black-capped chickadee. Not any bird. But the same one over and over. How can that be? How could I possibly know one from another? This one has one good leg. The other is crippled and held close to the body. The very first time I noticed it, I was amazed by the perfect balance and ease this bird expressed in doing what every other chickadee does.

I have made it a point to stand just a few feet away from the feeders so I can see them close up. The only birds that appear unaffected by my huge presence are the chickadees and an occasional sparrow. My one-legged friend always stops by. We talk. Yes, it’s true. —