CREDOS: Goddess of Wealth

Lakshmi Puja or the worship of Goddess of Wealth is the major event of Tihar celebrations. It takes place on the third day of Yama Panchak. On this day traditional worship of Goddess Lakshmi is sincerely performed in all households and business establishments after sunset.

People believe that Goddess Lakshmi visits every house during Deepawali and gives blessings of peace and prosperity. People light up rows of lamps in their houses to welcome the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity and also to light up her path.

Hindu mythology regards Goddess Lakshmi as the Goddess of Light, Beauty, Wealth and Good Fortune. She is said to be the daughter of sage Bhrigu who took refuge in the ocean of milk and was reborn during the famous ocean churning process carried out by Gods and demons.

Deepawali is celebrated to commemorate the birth of the Goddess of Wealth and hence Lakshmi Puja is a very important part of the celebrations.

This festival of lights also celebrates the abundance of autumn harvest. It also marks an important date, as the then kingdom of Avadha celebrated this as the last day of Lord Rama’s long exile of fourteen years.

As the citizens of Ayodhya eagerly awaited their beloved prince’s return, they lit thousands of lamps to guide his flying vehicle (vimana) to their city. The darkest night of the year gave way to a glorious morning as Rama returned with his wife Sita and brothers to his ancestral kingdom of Avadha.