CREDOS : Gratitude — II

It’s like the process of making art. It’s not linear. There is grace, there is inspiration, and there are times when you think you’re right back where you started. That brings me to the good news: when you commit to healing, when you set your intent, when you pray in whatever tiny way you can, the door does open. Light does come in. People do show up to help you. New friends who have “been there” show up and walk beside you. Books appear. A song lyric will open your heart. Grace happens.

The bad news is this: The door opens gradually. At first, imperceptibly. In one of her lectures, Caroline Myss made a passing remark that I love: “One powerful prayer (intent) beats a confused cathedral any day.” I am convinced that human beings are, as Marianne Williamson said, “po-werful beyond measure.” I know that I am no longer bulimic because I simply decided that I had had it. I was over it. I set intent.

You need to decide to heal. And you then need to remind yourself again the next morning that you decided. And the next. Write it in your journal over and over. Tell your voices their days are numbered. This doesn’t mean you go on a diet, begin an exercise regime, or find any other ways to beat yourself into submission. Consider this a non-step... the opposite of every diet you’ve started. This is deeper. Decide to heal. Pray. Do that everyday. Trust me on this. You have no idea now how powerful this will be. But it will be and it is. — (Concluded)