CREDOS: Happiness — I

To many of us happiness seems to be something elusive, something that is not with us right now, but might come sometime later in life, if we achieve a particular thing, or if we reach a particular situation. It seems like a mysterious thing that is likely to come to us sometime in the future, like a milestone we would pass one day.

I have seen so many people passing their precious days of life in unhappiness, doing their daily chores grudgingly and saying that they would be happy only after they reach a certain stage of life or pass a certain goal post. These may be: Once their children are settled; they get that final promotion; they retire and get out of that lousy job. Unfortunately, this never does happen. Once they cross one goal post, they find another one standing before them. Solving one problem makes way for another one. This is how life is, always changing. Those who think happiness might come later in their lives may never receive happiness.

That mysterious happy day when everything would be fine never comes. Even if it does come, how can you be sure that it would not change the very next day. So why keep all your happiness pending for that elusive day? Do not wait for that day. You should not postpone happiness to that unknown and indeterminable day. Happiness is something you should try to attain right now, today itself. And it is possible. You must firmly believe that: You can be happy today.

— The 4-Lane Expressway to Stress Management