The question is how to be happy? How do you expect happiness to come to you, and from where? Therein lies the problem! You expect and want happiness to come to you from some outside source. You are keen on searching for that unknown source. And you keep waiting.

Remember, happiness does not come from any outside source. It can only come from within you! In fact, the most important thing about happiness is that it does not come at all. It does not have to come because it is already within you. It springs from inside. You have to realise it, kindle it, light a candle of light inside you. Once lit from within your soul, this light can never be extinguished.

The question is: Have you taken a decision that you will always try to be happy? It is the most important decision to be taken. You have to consciously take this decision. Once that decision is taken, you have to consciously examine each of your thoughts and actions, as to whether they are contributing to your happiness or unhappiness.

You have to ask yourself whether your thoughts and action bring you peace of mind or cause you tension and worries. Such introspection would help you change your attitude. Because happiness is basically a state of mind, attained by a framework of attitudes and outlooks. It is for you to decide how you will act and think, for happiness or otherwise. It is in your hands. Ultimately, you have to decide that you’ll be happy.

—The 4-Lane Expressway to Stress Management