CREDOS: Healing waters — II

You are welcome to share this lane with me. The pool is awfully crowded this time of day.” Just like that, I find myself muttering thanks and sliding into the surprisingly warm water. Red, blue, yellow and green triangles hang from a banner high overhead, signalling my arrival at the three-fourths lane mark. My fingertips hit cold concrete — a tangible reward for completing an entire lap. Out of breath, yet exhilarated, I continue this back-and-forth path. I shock myself by completing ten laps, on this, my first day as a swimmer. Tired, yet invigorated, I am bursting with accomplishment.

Gradually, I begin to complete greater distances. Ten laps become twenty, and remarkably, even thirty. Splashing forward, I am surprised to feel so free. My spirit soars with each stroke. Who cares if my form isn’t the model of Olympian perfection? In the water I am powerful and strong. Insecurities are washed away as I set and reach new goals!

Refreshed after each swim, I spend my afternoons enthusiastically rolling out sticky pink play dough and playing countless games of Candyland with my girls. Bubble wand in one hand, sidewalk chalk in the other, I laugh more and worry less. I lost a few unwanted pounds and feel healthier and happier both inside and out. Long

after my back pain subsided, swimming continues to be the balm that heals both my body and soul. In the water, I am a confident athlete, a woman of strength. — (Concluded)