Experience is not the World. The World is experienced. People with no live as children with their parents, saying we when they mean I. The World

of Experience is the World

of IT. I—YOU creates the World of Relationship.

There are many ways to live in the World with no YOU. There are also many ways to end up with no I. We enter into Relation with plants and animals without using words. We talk to them but they do not talk to us. Only in Relation with other human beings are we able to speak with one another. We give and take YOU. There is also our life with spirit beings or God, where we say YOU without a mediator or a formula. We do not know that God is there. We speak to the Eternity we sense is there. YOU is there.

I see a tree. I can see it as a picture: a rigid column flooded in light,

splashes of green with sensual blue in the background. I can see it as movement: flowing veins, a clinging skin on a body, the roots sucking, the leaves breathing... the eternal exchange with earth and air... growing in the darkness.

When I confronts YOU, when human beings

speak these primary words,

we consist of no things. We are not HE or SHE with boundaries, a speck in time and space, a bag of labels and names. We are YOU ,and YOU fills the heavens. This does not mean that nothing exists outside ourselves: this means that everything exists within us. In the same way that music is not the notes,

abstracting YOU into the color of your hair, the color of your speech, the color of You (and we process each other this way), then YOU is no longer YOU.

Similarly, prayer is not

‘in time ‘,’time ‘ is in prayer. Sacrifice is not ‘in space

‘but ‘space’ in sacrifice. Without Relationship there is no Reality.