When I experiences IT, YOU is far away. In Relationship, I and YOU do not experience each other. YOU is not the result of experience. Real life is more than IT realizes. YOU has no deceptions.

Relationship exists even when YOU is not aware of what I says. Art has a spark of Eternity: the person confronting the form brings life to the work. Form is not created by the soul: the soul gives meaning to what is confronted. Our whole being is evoked to act. Power is released.

The work of art becomes real. The act of making is both a sacrifice and a risk. Endless possibility is sacrificed for form. The risk is speaking the first words, holding back nothing.

Art is not an IT-World relationship. I cannot describe or experience the form. I am aware what confronts me, what radiates the blazing now, alive in the Present, not as a thing, not as a figment of imagination. The relationship is real. Form and being interact.

How do we experience YOU? We don’t. .I does not experience YOU. How then does I know YOU? In every way. I knows no IT when I knows YOU. I meets YOU. My Being acts. I speaking YOU is an act of Being. YOU meets I in direct Relation. Relation means choosing and being chosen. I says YOU with a whole Being. Real living is becoming I and meeting YOU.

YOU is direct relation, with no system of ideas,

no scripts, no imaginary events between I and YOU. YOU meets I. There is no separation, no isolated experience. No purpose exists between I and YOU.

Stripped of purpose I meets YOU. The actual Present exists in Relation. YOU is present. The I of I—IT lives in the content of things, experiencing and using. IT is the absence of Present Being. True Beings live in the present.