CREDOS: Islam and terror — II

The same is true with terrorists who claim to be Muslim. In their minds, the Qur’an says they are justified to kill non-Muslims; they are justified to kill

Shi’a Muslims; they are justified to behead foreign journalists; and they are justified to strap a bomb on their waist and detonate it in a mosque full of worshippers during Friday prayers. So-called “Muslim” terrorists will even quote specific verses of the Qur’an to bolster their claims.

To someone with very little familiarity with Islam and its teachings, their arguments will sound convincing. But this logic is twisted and fallacious, and it is so precisely because it comes from a criminal mindset, which is, a priori, twisted and evil.

To the huge majority of us Muslims who are not terrorist criminals — we can quite clearly see that this logic is twisted and evil, just as most people will clearly see how the logic of killing someone because he or she made a strange face is twisted and evil.

To claim that America is altogether evil because in this country there are young men who kill

others — and justify it completely — for the shoes they wear on their feet is a very faulty argument.

Similarly, the claim that Islam is a religion of violence because there are some Muslims who use Islam to justify violence is also a very faulty argument. The twisted actions of the criminals of a community must never be reflected upon the whole of that community. —