CREDOS : Islamo-fascism — II

M Zuhdi Jasser

These killers are doing incomprehensibly evil actions across the world in the name of our religion, and because of that, my fellow Muslims and I should act now — decisively, publicly, and in tandem with our leadership — against Islamo-fascism. To argue whether they are Muslims or not — and what is a ‘true’ Islamic society — is only deflection and denial. Every time I experience the joy and spirituality of joining with my Muslim brothers and sisters in devotional prayer, I feel a perfect harmony of thought and movement as we bow and say God’s praises together. Islam is a religion of community, and I know I can walk into any mosque in the world and join the congregation in reciting the same prayers I say at home. While my faith is very personal, my religion is not complete without that communal energy.

But with spiritual fulfillment and community connection come responsibility. Moderate, moral Muslims — that is to say, the vast majority of the world’s Muslims — may see these Islamo-fascists as far removed from our reality; however the unforgiving truth is that we are responsible as a group for our weakest and also for our most corrupt and deranged. Islam has no formal clergy, and so it falls to the community as a whole, all of us, to take on this challenge. Denial serves nothing but the empty ego and is destined to fail. As Muslims we must help bring these barbaric Islamists to justice and assist in dismantling the systems that create them. —