CREDOS : Keep going — II

Her word was “discipline,” and she posted it everywhere as a constant reminder to take full responsibility for her life and make better choices. These two people have inspired me enormously. They lift my spirits and give me hope: If they can overcome those challenges, what’s my excuse for not taking care of my health?The second step in making things fun is to find people who want to “play” with us in the area in which we’re trying to improve. Having partners and friends who also want to improve themselves in the same area helps us stay focused and motivated, and make the process fun.

I remember once after an exercise-recruiting session among my co-workers. A few of us were off in a corner lifting weights, while our other companion, a 60-year-old woman who bought a new pink leotard in honour of the event, planted herself right in the middle and unself-consciously began doing pushups, just to make us laugh and make our workout more fun. While the fitness instructors whispered to each other, “What’s with that big pink woman over there?” the three of us were laughing hysterically with our friend. What happened? We had a great workout, and it was fun.

As you’re looking to make positive changes in your life, just remember those two simple rules: Find mentors to keep you on track, and find people who want to play with you. You’ll be surprised at how much fun it is to keep your resolutions. — (Concluded)