CREDOS: Laxmi Puja

Today is Laxmi Puja. Goddess Laxmi, the Hindu deity worshiped on the Hindu’s biggest festival

Deepawali, symbolises wealth, fortune, power, luxury, beauty, fertility, and auspiciousness as per Hindu mythology. The deity is the key to material fulfilment and contentment. Shree is the sacred name of the goddess which carries an underlying meaning. It evokes grace, affluence, authority, abundance, holiness and is used often before starting an auspicious work, such as written on top of documents in the Hindu culture. She embodies the ethereal beauty of nature.

Also known as Bhoodevi, the earth-goddess, Laxmi is the nurturer who bestows power, pleasure and prosperity on her devotees.

The goddess, like Durga, has eight forms, known as Ashta Laxmi, commonly worshipped by Hindus, each bestowing one form of wealth on her devotees. These are : Aadi Laxmi,

Santhana Laxmi, Gaja Laxmi, Dhana Laxmi, Dhaanya Laxmi, Vijaya Laxmi, Veera Laxmi, Aiswarya Laxmi. The swarna-hasta, meaning golden-handed, is the better half of Lord Vishnu. She showers prosperity in every aspect.

Deepawali is synonymous with “Laxmi Puja”, as she is believed to bring peace and prosperity to all. The Devi is worshiped on the night of Deepawali where traditional rituals are performed

to honour the Goddess. After sunset, at least five pieces of ghee diyas are lit in front of the deity. She is offered traditional sweets and it is followed by devotional songs in praise of the deity.