CREDOS : Love of books — III

Eileen Mitchell

Reading time soon became the most anticipated moment of our day. So enthralled was I of the Little House books, I sought out our school library and read the entire series ahead of time. And there, in the library, I discovered hundreds of other books waiting to be read. The Egypt Game! Black and Blue Magic! The adventurous Nancy Drew and those Hardy Boys!

On the last day of class she kept her word and finished reading the final chapter of the final book where Laura Ingalls marries Almanzo Wilder. The entire class was spellbound, barely daring to breathe. We didn’t want to miss one single word until Mrs Geyser closed the book and announced, “The end.” And then it was over: our beloved Little House books and our school year with Mrs Geyser.

Decades later, I fondly remembered Mrs Geyser when I purchased Little House in the Big Woods for my niece, Meggie. Recalling my teacher’s soothing voice, we snuggled on the sofa and I read to her the way Mrs Geyser had once read to us. Meggie was enthralled.

One day she phoned me. “Aunt Elly,” she crowed, “I finished the book!” She continued, “Mommy says she’ll take me to the bookstore if you tell me which book to buy next.” Shivers of delight crept down my spine when she added, “I’m saving my allowance so I can buy other books.” My niece was embarking on the same love affair with reading that I have. A love that was nurtured because of a teacher like Mrs Geyser.