CREDOS : Mind management

The age of computers has thrown us on escalator of aspirations but has robbed us of simple charms like falling asleep. The compulsions of hectic schedules burden the mind and cause stress. However, the joys that elude us can be regained by practicing power meditation creates tranquillity and cleanses the mind. It helps control indolence, ego and anger, and builds confidence and patience. With happiness and spiritual knowledge, one can re-learn the meaning of life. The picture of life’s journey also becomes clearer. Osho says, “As science is not based on orthodox and blind beliefs and functions only on the principle of cause and effect, similarly power meditation doesn’t function on age-old theories or communal thoughts but originates from rational and divine experience.’’

The beauty of meditation is that it is independent of religion. According to modern medical science, a combination of factors like pollutants, imbalanced diet and high aspiration has rendered the human mind restless, thereby making the body perpetually ill. Here is a meditation method, which will enable you to control stress: Sit in the padmashan or sukha-shan. Keep your spine and neck straight, keep your eyes closed, and sit in this position for 10 minutes. The method has two stages — for the first five minutes breathe in slowly, hold it and then release it very slowly. Again, for the next five minutes breathe and release your breath slowly.