CREDOS: Moving past pain - II

My pain, my anger, and my resentments are placed in this basket.

I have an angel that takes this basket of unhappiness from my hands and flies to the outer reaches of the universe and transforms it into loving energy that will revisit me later today. I forgive those around me and ask for divine assistance to hold me in a state of continual forgiveness.

If your family did not allow you to bloom: Spring is guaranteed to come. I can bloom no matter what the weather, because I am growing spiritually each day. Today I take time to notice how I have bloomed so beautifully despite my circumstances.

I am capable of reaching for the sun and sky because that is my natural state.

I am reaching upward every day and do so joyfully, knowing I am grounded in the life cycle of spiritual development.

If you have frequent family feuds: I choose to be a spectator, not a participant, in a negative energy generation. I facilitate healing by taking time to ask for divine assistance for this family’s difficulties. I visualise these family members embracing one another for their diversity and know that each one helps another on their soul journey.

Every loving and positive word I speak about my family helps to generate more healing. If you have trouble forgiving: I forgive because I am capable of expressing compassion. By forgiving, I release this situation from my energy field and feel clear-headed and full-hearted. —