CREDOS : Promises to keep - III

Breakfast would no longer consist of chocolate candy and a cup of coffee. Actually, I’d forgotten I really liked cereal with fresh strawberries for breakfast.The first week I lost three pounds. “So, during your first week did you have any problems getting used to eating healthy again?” Frank asked. I grumbled that keeping a journal of every morsel I put in my mouth was time-consuming. Frank chuckled and replied, “When you nibble, you gotta scribble. It’s the only way I’ve been able to keep my eighty pounds off for the past fifteen years.”

I never complained again and faithfully wrote in my journal every day. I continued to lose weight, but it was a slow process. Frank’s words kept me from getting discouraged. “Remember, set your goal weight at something you can live with. When you look at the weight range for your age, be realistic; don’t beat yourself up because you can’t fit into the size you wore when you were a teenager.”

I learned how to eat healthy; I was no longer a member of the clean-your-plate club. My exercise of choice was walking, and it worked. At the end of six months, I will never forget hearing Frank’s exclamation, “Congratulations! You’ve lost 42.6 pounds! You’ve reached your goal!” It has been two and a half years, and I am still under my goal weight. I will admit there are days that I struggle, but food is no longer my security blanket. I’ve kept my promise — no more Monday morning blues for me! — (Concluded)