Ajay Shukla

Action is a must to sustain life. But do we ever pause and think about what exactly is going on? About why we act the way we do? And what the end purpose of all these activities is?

All of us engage in day-to-day activities, often without thinking about what is going on. We tend to live reacting to each event, without seriously thinking about what exactly is the overall scheme of things in this universe. Why are we here? What is this whole drama unfolding before our eyes?

We are simply carried away by the occurrence of events. We fail to visualise the complete picture of life. We do not understand why things take place in the way they do. In order to understand the underlying cause of all actions that are taking place around us, we need to have a philosophical perspective. Unless we have such a solid foundation, on which we can firmly stand and examine as to what is happening and why, we would be floating like particles in the air, overtaken by events around us. We would feel as if we have no control over ourselves. We are likely to drift along, misled by the reactions of our body, by the analyses of our intellect and by our emotions. This is because our body, mind and emotions are only responding to external stimulus. These actions and reactions are basically short term in nature. But we should not let an unending series of such temporary events take control of our life. — Stress Management