CREDOS: The search in dreams — II

Is that the end of the  story? Well, it was for one of the game developers;  the negative emotions, “It never was meant to be” thoughts dominated any  future dreams of a different life. This person returned  to the daily grind of a nine  to five job always cynical,

always jealous of those who had succeeded.

But, did it mean being unsuccessful to me ? I didn’t succeed to the level I wanted or desired, but, to me, at the very least I lived my dream by turning it into a reality. If I had never turned my dream into goals and then to action, I would have always wondered — what if. Was it then a failure? No, it wasn’t. Was it the flaming success I’d hoped for — no. But, there were valuable lessons to be learned. After all, how many successful business people, inventors, authors, artists, etc. had immediate success in their first attempt ? Probably none. Failure is our greatest teacher.

It may take a few more attempts, or many attempts but success is only achieved once dreams are put into action, where failure becomes the launching pad for smarter choices, or better action plans in future endeavors. Will success come on the next adventure, or the next one after that, or will it take many more ?

Who is to say ? The important point here is that success only comes by turning dreams into reality and realizing that obstacles are only stepping-stones to final success.

For those who are wondering about my own eventual success, I’ll tell you

this. “After many attempts, many failures, many lessons, and many false starts, success arrived but only through believing in what I’ve said earlier. Learn valuable lessons from failure; turn dreams into action plans, and don’t let a dream only be that — a dream !”

    — (concluded)