CREDOS : Time out — II

It would be nice revisiting these lost songs from my childhood, many for the first time in decades. Initially, I thought the music would provide nothing more than a nostalgic diversion as I swept the floors, folded laundry, and paid bills. What I wasn’t expecting was the explosive burst of memories triggered by songs I had long forgotten.

Each song reminded me of simpler times, when weekends weren’t so demanding. There were no computers, cell phones, iPods or BlackBerrys to distract, interrupt, isolate, or intrude. There weren’t a thousand TV channels to surf through. And if there wasn’t anything interesting to watch, we’d turn off the TV and visit friends. Play games, read books or pursue hobbies. We’d relax and listen to the radio. Or albums. Like Herb.

Ah, but that was then. With today’s frenzied pace, every spare moment is utilised to meet pressing demands, I could only hope to enjoy snippets of Herb squeezed between the hum of the vacuum cleaner or din of the dishwasher.

Suddenly, tackling that mental list didn’t feel so urgent. Instead, I took out my grandma’s green Fiesta Ware mixing bowl, the one that reminds me of her. Baking sounded better. Maybe chocolate chip cookies or oatmeal. Afterwards, I’d stretch across the sofa and bask in a pool of sunshine while reading the Sunday paper from start to finish, with my dog by my side and Herb on the stereo. And on this simple, ordinary day, I found joy. — (Concluded)