CREDOS : Tiny sparkle — III

They got back on the tram, scanning with anxious eyes the carpet and the tile area again. There were very few people around, and it seemed as if everything was slowing down. “It felt like my eyes left my head, like in a cartoon, and they zoomed in on a spot on a big carpet area to a teeny, tiny sparkle on the floor,” Phyllis says. “We both seemed to see it at the same time. I ran to the spot, bent down, scooped up the tiny sparkle, and placed it into the empty space on my ring. It fit like Cinderella’s slipper.”

By now they had missed two flights and weren’t sure there would be seats available for the next one. But another surprise was in store. Their names were called, and when they went to the counter, they discovered their second flight had been delayed and was now boarding. It was as if the flight had been waiting for them, and there were exactly two seats left in coach.

The couple was glowing as they got on the plane and settled in their seats. But one more hug from heaven awaited them. Phyllis picked up the magazine in the seat pocket and flipped it open. On one page was a picture of a shiny 1997 penny. On the opposite page was a cut diamond that looked just like hers.

Of course God is in charge of His universe and His special saints and angels — both groups eager to carry out His will. Ultimately, the diamond’s return was God’s gift to Phyllis and Jerry. It’s great to realise that we all have so many helpers in heaven! —