CREDOS:Rebirth — IV

A family came to the room where I held the unfriendly cat. The mother said that they’d seen this kitten first and wanted him. Since he still wouldn’t look at me, I handed him to her, thinking maybe I’d made a mistake. I went out to look at more kitties. A few moments later, the woman called to me and asked if I wanted the kitten.

She said he didn’t seem to like children and had hissed at her daughter. I ran to grab him. This has to be Mugsie! I thought. He hadn’t even been fond of my own children, because he didn’t like sharing me with them. This time, the kitten crawled all over me.

He licked and kissed me. He hurled his body against my heart and purred. I guess he knew that he’d almost lost his chance to come home.

When we brought the kitten home, he immediately began inspecting the house as if he were making certain that nothing had changed in his absence. One of his first acts was to hiss at Prana and appear disappointed that she was still around. To our surprise, this tiny kitten ran to the door that opened to the second story of our house. He climbed up the stairs.

When he arrived at the top, with all his strength, he clawed his way up onto the rocking chair that had been Mugsie’s favourite spot and sat on the pillow, looking at us, as if to say, “I’m back!” We have many windows in our home. The kitten immediately found Mugsie’s favourite window. Again, he made it to the ledge and perched there. —