CREDOS:Rebirth — V

He was definitely reclaiming his territory. Over the next few weeks, we watched as the personality of Mugsie faded and the new kitty, whom we named Feisty, emerged. Prana began to win him over with her gentle ways. Their bowls side by side, Prana always waited until the kitten ate before she’d touch her food. She licked, played, and slept curled up with the kitty. Soon the two became the best of pals. Finally, Feisty was able to accept the love that, as Mugsie, he’d rejected.

Then Prana began to raise Feisty to be a dog. He imitated everything she did, including the uncatlike behaviour of running to the door, tail wagging, to greet us when we came home. We kept saying, “Feisty, you’re a cat. You’re supposed to be aloof.” But he seemed to enjoy this new opportunity to love more freely.

Feisty grew into a most loving, affectionate cat. Nothing perturbed him. He didn’t flinch at sudden noises, just turned his head slowly to see if he should get out of the way. Even visitors to our home commented on what a bundle of pure love he was in a cat’s body.

From the Mugsie/Feisty duo, we learned that there’s a very good reason for angel animals to return to this classroom we call life on earth.

If they didn’t or couldn’t learn how to give and receive love the first, or the fiftieth, time around, it’s worth trying again. And, besides, there are those humans, like us, who still can’t seem to live very well without them. — (Concluded)