Crime shows

The definitions of crime may be many and varied depending on the culture, religion, country etcetera. However, a basic definition is, a crime is an activity which creates harm to others, including suicide. Crime is the by-product of thinking. Because of the growing population, globalization and technological advancement, there exists diversity among people.

Of them, some think of making this world a better place. I call them positive–minded whereas a fraction of people think of making a shortcut success without any struggle which results in crime, and I call them negative–minded. I am fond of watching crime shows. Usually, I or most of the people think that these episodes are good and may transmit a good message to the spectator and community that crime is like pollution of our mind, and can be eliminated by positive thinking.

There are always alternative solutions, besides the path of crime. Moreover, at the end of every episode, the culprits get caught and are sent to prison which is very tortuous and pathetic. This may give a message that the result of crime is never good. Nonetheless, in some episodes, I saw that some young guys, after watching many crime episodes, sort out the techniques to mislead investigation, by learning the ways of detection and theories of police investigation. From these episodes they knew that, in the majority of cases, the police grab the culprits via their cell phones, call details, CCTV footage and inquiring relatives and neighbors, among others.

So, they rehearse various ways to execute a perfect crime to give a prototype of utopia for criminals. Eventually, they execute abduction with the conception and theory of a perfect crime, with a unique modus operandi. However, to their surprise, they get caught, and they realize that the thought of a perfect crime is only fiction and doesn’t exist really.

There are pros and cons of crime episodes. Crime shows display minute details of the crime and its investigation procedure. A group of people may take this to become aware of any likely crime, whereas another group may take this episode as a mantra for executing crime. Especially, for children these shows may give dreadful impression as they are psychologically fragile. If we take it positively, then we are helping ourselves by making a peaceful and crime-free world; on the other side, if we take it negatively, we are indirectly harming ourselves by spreading crime.