Decision-making game

Making a decision is a cool way of resolving an irritant that crops up just when things were getting along, more so when one is least prepared to make a gut-wrenching resolution. But, if it needs attention nothing can be gained by putting it off.

When there is less feedback coming from reliable sources then it’s time to decide and not hesitate. This may come at a critical juncture in one’s life - like choosing the right college to continue one’s studies, taking a loan from a bank or simply getting married and settling down. There are no two ways of getting things done so one might as well decide and act now. One can, of course, doodle and ruminate but this does not settle the issue.

Perhaps, given half-a-chance, an executive could postpone making that all important decision, especially when his reputation is at stake. Here, the possibility arises that some tangible gains could be at hand if there were no delays in making up one’s mind. But this is just an element in a risky situation where the stakes are relatively high. Because no one is ready and willing to abide by the rules there is a frantic scramble for a share of the pie.

No one can carry the responsibility of a decision if it means making sacrifices at a personal level, because this warrants losing out on what one holds dear and cannot see being downsized.

Making a top-notch decision may require an effort and a support system and make one dependant upon a close confidante for well meant advises. Even when it is finalised and acted upon there is a need for more involvement, so that it works of its own accord and paves the way for a settlement. Coming one’s way are other factors not heeded before and its real and thorny nature only revealed after a hair-splitting decision.

Sticking to a game plan might ensures that the decision results in a pay-off. More than this cannot be said about a tendency to brood before hatching a plan that is full of drawbacks. This could turn a move made after deliberation into a welter of concerns. As such, there is no help forthcoming to make a decision on-the-spot.

Deciding on what to do next may mean a lot to one who is involved at a deeper level. There is no use in coming to terms with it if there is nothing to be gained, because one expects a return of sorts for the risk undertaken.