Deep slumber

Even as a year has elapsed since the University Service Commission Act was passed, Nepal Sanskrit University has not been able to appoint key officials. This, due to indifference of the concerned ministry, has not only thrown academic and official activities in the University out of gear but has also put the future of hundreds of students in peril. Students have been compelled to wait for months to obtain their academic certificates and pursue higher education. Before the enactment of the law, the University Selection Committee used to appoint teachers and other officials. Nepal Sanskrit University is the only university where Sanskrit is used as the medium of instruction.

Absence of key officials has often crippled the activities in Nepali universities, thus also having an adverse impact on the quality of education.

On the other hand, arbitrary appointment of teachers and officials has often created redundancy and added to financial burden. While it is necessary to have adequate manpower in order to run the academic and administrative activities smoothly, the universities should not be overstaffed beyond the requirement and their financial capacity. Moreover, it is the duty of the Ministry of Education and Sports to help universities in their recruitment and other official procedures, as stipulated by the University Service Commission Act.