Desperate teachers

Around 200 contractual and temporary lecturers of Tribhuwan University (TU) have accused its administration of meting out rough treatment to them. Their charges include discrepancies in salaries and perks, which are often much below par as compared to those of the permanent staff. The lecturers, some of whom have been working for several years in various TU-affiliated colleges, have also claimed that they have been denied services they are entitled to under TU rules. Certainly, there have been weaknesses on the part of TU administration. At the same time, teachers and employees have often claimed all sorts of rights whereas, when it comes to duty, they have fallen far short of the expectations.

It is unfair when the University hires lecturers on an arbitrary basis and later treat them unfairly. The University needs to make certain changes in the injudicious selection procedure, instead selecting contractual and permanent lecturers through free-competition. Teachers and employees should not seek automatic confirmation or promotion. This will ensure on the one hand that competent teachers are selected while on the other it will help improve the quality of education, which has deteriorated over the years. Moreover, this would also ensure fair treatment for all teachers and encourage genuine academicians to take up the teaching, which should remain highly respected in all civilised societies.