Do not differentiate

Most of us  possess a narrow concept in our mind that being a handicapped is a disability for us to do anything. But if we dig up  history we can find some of the world famous poets like John Milton and Homer who revolutionized literature with  masterpiece writings were blind and deaf respectively. In Nepal we had Parijat who suffered a paralyzing sickness almost for her entire life, but due to her intense will for writing she was able to write a great novel “The Blue Mimosa”, which is popular.

In the context of our country, the people’s movement of 62-63 B.S. was highly supported by the blind. The bottom line is that, white cane, earphone or crutches shouldn’t be the means to differentiate a handicapped and non-handicapped.

Even a handicapped person can bring about a drastic change in  society, so why isn’t it possible to have a marital bonding between a handicapped and a non-handicapped person. On January 3, 2008, Nepal signed the convention approved by UN general assembly regarding the right of the handicapped. The data given by UNICEF on 2001 clearly shows that  1.63% of the total population were handicapped.

A few years back a marriage between a degree graduate woman and a blind man  became hot news. Soon after, a few couples followed suit. In general a normal person does not get into a relationship with a handicapped person. There are also  people who wish to get married with a handicapped person but due to society they  are compelled not to do so.  As a result it has just become like a written law that a handicapped person is bound to marry another handicapped person and a non-handicapped to marry a non-handicapped person. Only a few people gather guts to resist these ‘forbidden’ rules of society. In some cases they may even be boycotted from family and society. It isn’t a crime to get married to a handicapped person; in fact it shows how educated person he or she is.

We can find these sorts of marriage in European countries and to honor it the government has provision for prizes to those couples. In Maharashtra, India, there is also a provision for a prize worth fifty thousand rupees for such couples.

Marriage shouldn’t just be related only to the physical aspect. Marriage also refers to the emotional bonding. So marriage between the handicapped and the non-handicapped should not be taken in a negative way, and we should help and encourage such couples.