Economic performance

Can we sustain economic development under the 2°C pathway? The answer to the question depends on all of us. Our actions and behavior will determine whether the answer is “yes” or “no.” Then, what answer do we want? All would agree and wish the answer to be “yes.” And that leads us to the next question – how can we achieve it?

Many have tried, and are trying to find out how to address climate change and keep economies growing at the same time. The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate (GCEC) also does so. The GCEC is a major international initiative to provide independent and authoritative evidence on the relationship between actions to strengthen economic performance and to tackle climate change. Chaired by former Mexican President Felipe Calderón, the GCEC comprises former heads of government and finance ministers and leaders in the fields of economics and business, including ADB President Takehiko Nakao...