Another way

The UCPN (M) that had led the government some ten months back and made way in the name of “civilian supremacy” and the like, are finding it uneasy to remain in the opposition which albeit was their own choosing. That the 22-party coalition UML-government is still moving along with no sign of real challenge seems to be irking the Maoists so much so that, leaving all thought about the urgency of getting along with the statute drafting task and the peace process, they are seemingly tracing their steps towards a no-confidence motion in the House. The words have got around about the test that UCPN (M) thinks of posing to the government. In fact, as can be surmised about the democratic norms and practices, it is a normal move in which the incumbent government has to brace itself for the showdown in the parliament. However, getting the one-fourth of the lawmakers needed to register for the convening of the special session is not a problem for the Maoists. But, the whole exercise, once the special session is convened, is for them to prove that they have the majority on their side to defeat the government. And, in the circumstances that prevails, it is but a ploy resorted to by the opposition in a bid to bide away valuable time and distract the focus of the people from the priority tasks at hand to meet the May 28 deadline.

As is normal, the government has to be ready if and when the no-trust motion is tabled. Though at the moment it is a hypothetical situation its materialization transcends that. In fact, Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal has been on record to have said that he was ever ready to face the number game in the parliament. With none of the coalition partners making any move to withdraw their support PM Nepal sees no immediate threat to his government. Even the Nepali Congress has been all the while backing him, rubbishing the talk of the change of guards. There are reasons why the status quo is being given the benefit of doubt because any attempt at changing the government now will have wider repercussions, as barely two-and-half months remain for the constitution to be promulgated as per the schedule. Of course, the talk of the national unity government has to receive attention, but the last minute gasps by the UCPN (M) will not get it anywhere near its fancy. Such a government should have been formed earlier with the clear agreement among the political parties that are the major stakeholders.

With the Maoists shying away from consensus

on the issues considered as contentious, if the

said session convenes to debate the no-confidence motion it will be no more than a way to eat

up valuable time that could have been better utilized to address the issues that have made the life of an average Nepali very difficult and miserable. Even to a casual observer, the Maoist move has all the trappings of publicity machinery sidelining the genuine tasks to be taken up urgently. Moreover, it goes to prove that they are more interested in holding power, belying their rhetoric of working for the people even as the opposition. The greed for power is evident, and so comes the talk of another revolt which is merely partisan interest speaking.

Crooked fakirs

Not all who wear the garb of sages are such as many ruefully find out. After being fleeced for the umpteenth time by crooks masquerading as sages, the news report that many “crooks” in the guise of sages are found in the Pashupati area comes as no surprise. Such criminals are giving true

sages a bad name. What more they are often involved in serious crimes like drug peddling and also dealing in illegal arms. That the PADT has not been able to oust them from the Ram Mandir at Pashupatinath is a pity for the area is being used to carry out such nefarious crimes. This has far reaching consequences in society affecting particularly the young for it is from such fake sages that many of them procure drugs and are also initiated in abusing them.

Although the sages are supposed to register

themselves with the authorities, they do not abide

by this provision so the fake sadhus can go on

with their clandestine activities under the nose of the law enforcement bodies and PADT. So now there is need to nab the culprits so that the genuine sages are not put in a quandary because of the activities of those who pretend to be so and use this as a camouflage for criminal motives.