Editorial-Going concern

The continuing unrest is having an adverse impact on the industrial and commerce sectors causing immense concern about the country’s future. Industrialists and businessmen lament the lack of environment congenial to their enterprises. The violent protests and bandhs that seem to be occurring in an unremitting manner have proved to be counterproductive for the growth of entrepreneurship. It is the responsibility of the government to provide the necessary security in which by all accounts it has failed miserably. The once much

touted double digit GDP growth has now become a farce. Given the present virtual chaos now prevailing in this impoverished nation, most industries and businesses are fighting for survival. Few investors are willing to take the risk of making investments. Furthermore, most of the agreements made by the previous government and the industrialists and businessmen are yet to be implemented. Under the circumstances, it is no surprise that the private sector is now in a sorry state and crisis.

Industrialists and businessmen have often fallen victims to kidnappers and some of them have been killed while many others are threatened and intimidated and coerced to make donations or even come under physical asault. The lack of security for the entrepreneurs is one of the major reasons for the slump in the economic growth. There was talk about

providing industrial security and banning all sorts of closures and bandhs, but these commitments have not been applied. As a result, the businessmen and industrialists say that if this situation is allowed to continue then entrepreneurship, that is now facing a threat, would go the way of the dodo. The government, so far, seems to be not heeding the economic sector and is only occupied in other matters such as the forming of the new cabinet of ministers. The economy, hence continues to suffer while the businessmen and industrialists are worried about their investments and discouraged.

In the industrial front, industrial unrest has done much harm. Strikes are resorted to at the slightest pretext and unreasonable demands are made.

The industrialists are duty bound to meet the just demands of the labourers, but the unions in many industries create trouble under the patronage of various political parties politicizing this sector.

It is preferable to keep politics out of this These accusations should be looked into and a favourable environment for running and opening industries should be created. In the commercial and industrial sectors special efforts should be made to promote entrepreneurship. The coming budget should be investment friendly. As the country is now in a difficult period, the industrialists and businessmen should be understanding and accommodating and even supportive as loyal concerned citizens. The government on the other hand should look into the genuine demands of the private sector and expedite the works as demanded by them so that the economy can stand on its feet and get back on track.k.