Editorial-Real threat

What was feared was bound to happen. Swine flu has been found in the country. Three patients were tested positive with the dreaded Influenza A (H1N1). They were all Non-Resident Nepalis from the same family who had arrived at the Tribhuvan International Airport on June 21. Fortunately, in their cases the infection was said not to be of a serious nature for according the infection can be fatal in only one percent of those and the remaining 99 per cent could be cured. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared swine flu as now being pandemic. Nepalese are anxious to know about the steps being taken to prevent a pandemic of the virus in the country and whether we are prepared for it.

We know that that we possess the equipment

to diagnose the virus and some stocks of medicines are available. But the question is whether they are

adequate to deal with the possible spread of the virus in a large scale? For now high risk people and border check posts and airports should exercise extra

vigilance. People must also be made aware about the precautionary steps to take so as not to be infected with the virus such as not sneezing in public place.