So it is the “Armed Conflict” and not the “People’s War” that is going to name the decade long insurgency of the Maoists. By all accounts this was not an easy decision for the Committee to Determine the Basis of Cultural and Social Solidarity of the CA. In fact, polls had to be held even after protracted powwows could not decide on how to term the

insurgency. Ultimately, a majority of 19 lawmakers voted for the phrase “Armed Conflict” as compared to 12 parliamentarians from the UCPN-Maoist who were in favour of calling it the “People’s War”. The constitution of the country will be now referring to the insurgency as “Armed Conflict”.

That so much time and efforts of the lawmakers should be expended on such issues show that other contentious issues may take a long time to be settled. But, if this decision of the lawmakers to name the insurgency is any indication, although the going will not be easy, ultimately some sort of compromises will be reached though they may not satisfy everybody. After all, it is irrational to believe that you can please all the people all the time.