Elusive commitments

Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal has made his presence felt through the unending list of commitments that he has been making as the chief executive. In fact, to feel for the people overwhelmed by the lax previous administration as far as the right to a life is dignity is concerned makes much sense. Moreover, the support of the majority of the political parties in the CA must be the basis for this government to achieve more in a shorter duration of time.

However, despite the commitments made, the logistics are not in place for the speedy

implementation drive that is of urgent necessity. Matters, of course, have to begin with getting the cabinet vacancies filled so that the ministers concerned could go all out for achieving results. But, a gloom descends over the observers seeing the scramble for berths rather than the intention of serving the

people in the most efficient and sincere bent of mind. What they seem to vocalize, but fail to be a part of the resolution team, is any evidenced action plan to tackle the cancerous impunity. It is a tough nut to crack considering the fact that the chain of command seems to have been breached particularly during the past government’s stint. The harm then done

has spawned greater degree of impunity which the present administration will need all the political will and strength to end.

The state has the responsibility of according all priority to creating the conducive environment for every citizen to enjoy a life of dignity. But, political instability has become the norm that has sent the wrong signals. Only

if the political leaders behave in a respectable manner without getting their student wings to make a swift attack on rivals for trivial reasons then the situation could improve.

Even when violence has become rampant, the administration has not done much except watch helplessly. So many people involved in homicides are walking the streets without fear just goes to reveal the amount of political patronage provided to them and the abhorred level of impunity prevailing. It is high time that actions governed rather than hollow promises to curb the spate of abductions, violence, killings and the like. The chaos that this all has created in the social life is too immense to visualize. To get the security personnel to get their action plan working does not seem to have moved at all.

When the situation in the Kathmandu Valley is far from satisfactory in terms of security and respect to dignity of life, life in other parts of the country cannot fare any better. This is all the more so when dozens of armed groups walk at will whether it be in the Terai or the hills. The government’s foremost task is to come up with a viable plan to check the criminal activities together with steps to end impunity, at whatever cost it may be. This, however, requires input from all the political players, some of which have been implicitly blamed for involvement in the spurious activities. This means that more than commitment is required. Acting the political guardian angel of the criminals is the thorn that has helped impunity thrive. This tendency has to be eliminated for ending impunity.