Emerge from darkness to light

The philosopher, Plato, thought that we are all in the same yacht apropos of our vision. This, notwithstanding the fact that all of us aim to be better than others while imbibing and cultivating wisdom, valour, balance, or commitment, and not being absurd, anxious, indisciplined, or prejudiced. The inference is apparent — if we want to be really, also tangibly happy, we must ‘cherry-pick’ to live well and live well within.

The mediaeval alchemist-physician-philosopher Paracelsus, likewise, articulated the idea that each of us has a creative talent for the arts, sciences, and also philosophies. He suggested that our resourceful influences are not just peripheral, but also deep and profound. Put simply, this translates into our innate ability to produce thoughts and emotions by anything that is impelled in a particular, also non-specific,form. Paracelsus advocated that there were several undesirable thoughtful and emotional entities that triggerred energy logjams. The outcome is palpable — when we‘load’ ourselves with negative energies, on a persistent basis, it becomes challenging for us to functioning well. When this pattern becomes chronic, the predictable spin-offs are dreadful habits.

The more we understand that we are not captives, but owners of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, the better we are anchored to our psyche. When this happens, we are in control of ourselves and our feelings. But, the moment we discard our ‘hold’ and leave it at that for prolonged periods, we get detached. The best thing to do to change, or transform, is to negate our sense of isolation and its inevitable by-product: negative emotional energy. We ought to understand that there is no better way to expelling negativity from our mind than focusing on the positives. This would, sooner than later, guide us to ‘reinvent’ oneself and also understand our body and soul.

There is yet another simile that could hold us in good stead —just think of your emotions as a petite paper boat, with a thread, in a puddle of water. The unpretentious ‘widget’ moves spontaneously, but just as much as you’d let it go around. This holds good, yet again, for your mind and emotions — that it is only when you break out of your comfort

zone and not get entrenched in the dizzy cocoon that was part of your erstwhile negative psyche, would you be able to surmount the skewed emotions of the past and emerge from darkness to light.