End of the tunnel

Out of 130 students who were enrolled for open education system introduced by the government last year, 40 have succeeded in the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examinations of 2008. Though not a very remarkable result, the percentage of passes is satisfactory as compared to those attending government schools. The government had introduced the scheme of open education in a bid to encourage students, especially school drop-outs and others who have not been able to attend school for various reasons, to demonstrate their academic knowledge and aptitude and earn certificates. This would not only help the students pursue higher education but also produce the much needed educated and skilled human capital in the country.

The concept of open education, though not free from demerits, can significantly help students acquire hassle-free education. Many students, especially those from poor families, give up their studies for financial reasons. This concept if extended throughout the country would enable a significant number of students to earn academic degrees and look forward to respectable careers. It would especially be more advantageous to students who want to pursue higher education, not all of whom have the financial means to come to the capital or go abroad. If universities in Nepal also introduced this system, many students would have a bright future to look forward to .