Endangered health

The absence of effective government mechanism to maintain the quality of food products and control the flow of substandard food products in the market has been affecting consumer health adversely. Besides, impunity enjoyed by those selling these substandard products has only additionally made consumers more vulnerable to resultant health hazards. Though urban consumers, who are increasingly dependent on packaged and prepared food items, usually without a quality label are directly vulnerable, even rural consumers are not immune due to the

utter lack of awareness.

Fortunately, at a time when substandard food items are flooding the market the Department of Food Technology and Quality Control (DFTQC) has picked up the cudgels to deal seriously with the situation. The department will initiate awareness campaigns in twelve remote districts, with five regional offices of the DFTQC conducting two campaigns in two respective districts. Food inspectors will be dispatched to check the quality of food products with the help of local administration and authorities concerned, who will also explain the health hazards resulting from substandard food items. However, in order to check the use and flow of substandard food items and the resultant risks, awareness campaigns need to be conducted on a much larger scale. However, sporadic efforts will not produce permanent results. For this, regular monitoring and inspection is necessary, coupled with the need to spare nobody who is engaged in endangering public health.