Endurance tests

Apropos of the news story “Nepali migrants in SKorea to get orientation” (THT, November 23, Page 10), South Korea has recently acquired the reputation as a country where workers are working for gruelling hours to death. Therefore, it will be good if Nepali workers aspiring to earn ‘Won’ are first given many endurance tests in the country before departure to give them a glimpse of what awaits them in Korea. Endurance test should be physical, mental as well as enduring natural elements, hunger, thirst, toilet, cigarette breaks and urge for gossip etc. Migrants need to develop the stamina to work continuously without frequent breaks in standing or sitting positions for hours on end. In this connection, it will be good if we can subject the SK job aspirants to the entrance tests. Additionally, Korean language alone will not help. Equally important are social and cultural familiarities that include, but not limited to, unquestioned deference to the seniors. Pictures of British PM, Theresa May, awkwardly bowing curtsy to the  Queen will help instil important social values and need of respect among our workers.

This example might help. When I was selling in Japan, I was told by my Japanese mentor-friend not to sit or stand erect but to do so with a deep bow with head hanging down and shoulders slung low, as a mark of loyalty and respect to the persons and institutions for giving their precious time to meet and listen to me. According to him, I, as someone looking for business, must show my gratitude and indebtedness to the person who was helping to put hands and mouth together. This worked for me. However, this practice has been prevalent in our society for ages. It is just that we have recently discarded the culture of paying obeisance to the elders and other basic social courtesies.

Manohar Shrestha, Kathmandu

Tribal life

The recent report of the brutal murder of a young American tourist in a remote island in the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago, India at the hands of an isolated primitive tribe is an example of how misadventure leads to the demise of a dream and ended a precious life. The tragic incident should be an eye opener for all around the globe, particularly for young adults who always feel that they could do and achieve anything they want without any connection to reality of life. Similarly tourist behaviour in foreign nations and in completely unknown terrains must be avoided to prevent repetitions of such sad incidents.  Furthermore, a community, particularly isolated primitive tribes, have the rights to protect their privacy and integrity of their socio-ethnic lifestyle. Possibly the young adventurer was interpreted and attacked being identified as an intruder. Several ancient tribal communities around the planet are facing dangers of extinction. Such isolated tribal members are extremely vulnerable to diseases and infections from “civilized” people due to poor immunity and should be left alone and respected for their socio-ethnic lifestyle.

Saikat Kumar Basu, Canada