Equally able

Disabilities are real but the focus should be on the assets that the individuals possess. The narrow minded approach has to make way as all are equals in the society. There can be no reason for any form of discrimination in the all-inclusive society that has been envisaged. To highlight the concerns of the disabled or rather the differently-abled people, the International Day of the Disabled was marked the other day. In fact, the procession of the differently-abled people, in the capital and elsewhere, with some in wheelchairs and others walking without external support exemplifies that they are a force to reckon with. That they can contribute not only for their own independent, dignified existence but also for the society has been proved time and again. It is not pity or dole-outs that these capable people need but the opening up of the right opportunities for them to strike the right chord.

What the country wants to see is that the people with disabilities are able to be present in every sphere of economic and social activity. For this, the need is there for the government and the line agencies to have a concrete plan of action and also the requisite investment for a start. With the few inputs in place, such people can also be the bulwarks on which the prosperity of the country can be erected. Keeping in mind these facts, it is time that all of us walked hand in hand.