Ethical drought

Recently some top ex-police officials were sentenced to jail for corruption. A man was arrested from India on the charge of rape-and-murder of a 14-year old girl. One man was killed in a clash between political cadres in the local election campaign. The aforementioned examples indicate where our society is going.

Cases of rape, girl trafficking, smuggling, murder and violence, robbery, corruption, bribes and forgery are increasing day-by-day. The Nepalese society seems to have lost its ethics and ethical drought is now rampant.

Neither the government officials nor the political leaders are truly responsible for the common people. In most cases, when you go to get services you have to wait for an unnecessarily long time.

And the politician don’t make small commitment; they promise an ‘utopia’ but when they reach power, time just elapses and they are found doing almost nothing; and when they are out of power they blame others for the debacle. Do they have any ethics? We don’t have to go too far to find unethical practices by professionals like the doctors, nurses, teachers, drivers, builders, businesspersons, etc.

On the other hand, the picture is not much different in the case of ordinary citizens. Society is not only divided on the political conviction but the people do not tolerate contrary opinions and beliefs. In the local election, some cases of clashes and murders were heard of. Society is becoming violent. People only seek their advantage or profit and never bother to understand whether that harms others or not. These are not good signs for the future generation.

Unless ethics governs a society and its people, the incidents of violence, murder, rape, corruption, bribe, robbery, false promises will become quite common. The society that promotes moral values and the country which has ethical leaders and civil servants will always be better off and will progress well.

You reap what you sow. If we teach moral values to our kids today, they will be ethical persons; that will lead to an ethical society. As we know early impressions strike deep down into one’s personality. Our government must include moral education as a compulsory subject till higher secondary level.

The content of moral education can also be included in other subjects as well. If not for today we can at least work for a better tomorrow.