Everyone is beautiful

When a word called ‘beautiful’ is blurted out, our sense sketches the possible outer appearance of a person.

When we see a beautiful girl in a tall frame and stylish dress-up, we don’t miss out to appreciate the appearance she possesses.

When we see a muscular guy with a ripped body, we don’t miss out to praise his body structure.

These days, beauty has become the most sought-after quality. It will not be wrong to define beauty as a vague subject because what is beautiful for one might not be the same for another. What actually is beauty? What actually does being beautiful mean? Is it how people look like or how ideal their body is? Is it about having a fairskin or having a tan skin? Well, the answer to these questions may vary from person to person. That is why I call beauty a vague subject.

Punjabis label chubbiness as a beauty standard while zero size figure is what Nepali girls crave for. People from the Western part of the world covet tanned skin while the people of the East aspire for a fair complexion.

The perception of beauty differs geographically.

Yet the physical structure and the face colour are the major featureswhen people assess beauty.

Among every group of friends, the guy with a fat body structure or the guy having a dark skin is bullied for his\her outer appearance. For instance, Nepali youths label a fat guy as “Motey” and the one having a dark skin as “Kaley”. Such sort of body-shaming and colourism provoke people to change themselves, and in the process, they end up harming themselves.

Unhealthy weight-loss plan, serums and facial creams not only harm the body but also shatter their self-confidence.

Girls, these days, compete in the social media for likes and comments they receive on their glamorous picture. People, especially girls, work hard to improve on their photos by trying various filters and even making the face extra plump using various photo editing tools available on Play Store.

The outer appearance of a person should not define his\ her personality. Good behaviour, a positive attitude and kindness make a person beautiful.

Someone with ravishing looks can still be selfish and bad-mannered. A person with unattractive looks can still be beautiful because of his\her gentleness and behaviour towards other people.

We must change our perception of beauty. What I mean to say is that the symmetrical face, muscular body and fair skin should not be the beauty standards.

The outer-appearance and so-called beauty fade with time. So, we must discover our inner beauty and be content with how we look. Everyone is beautiful in their own ways.