Feeling called love

As far as my personal attitude towards love is concerned, I always adopt it in a positive sense. Love is a golden chain in which the world is tied up. There are two types of love: one is physical love and the other is emotional love. Physical love emerges from the wild fire of passion whereas emotional love begins from the feeling of heart and does not keep the form of lust. Generally, love reaches to the heart starting from the eyes. It is a warm kind of feeling between two people of the opposite sex.

Love is union of the two souls. Love is a priceless gift nature has bestowed upon human beings. It is a kind, tender and

affectionate feeling that makes a man feel that life is worth living. It is not enough to say that love is some kind of an object by which night changes into a bright and sunny day by raising the moonlight into the darkness.

Therefore, it is essential that it possesses altruism. One always should be ready to sacrifice one’s life for the sake of love no matter what. In the meantime, love also encourages achieving golden successes in life the more so because it is true love that gives one a wonderful feeling that is to be cherished forever no matter what through thick and thin.

Love never keeps the record of faults whether big or small. It paves a good way if we adopt it in a good sense otherwise it destroys everything as we stand helpless. It is also the most dangerous game. Love is spontaneous and craves expression through joy; through beauty; through truth; even through tears.

Love lures the moments; it’s neither lost yesteryears nor does it crave for tomorrow. Life is a flower and love its aroma. It is sublime and strong as is death. But our society does not permit such a practice of love which is against the very spirit of rational life and value based society. In this way, it would not be disputable in saying that love is a thing that never comes out of seasons. It is not an uncontrollable burst of lust but a life giving shower that soothes one’s heart.

In conclusion, love is a sudden happiness which is the light of heart and those who are fortunate to fall in true love learn to respect this joyous feeling. Those who experience such love are indeed very lucky for there is nothing to rival the feeling of love.

We should be grateful for the beautiful feeling of love and there is nothing in the world that can provide as much joy and happiness.