Fighting back

A girl, born to be herself, carefree and living in her own terms is suddenly exposed to the brutality of the world – the real world. Never had she thought she would encounter such merciless people all around in life, as she always believed people were for good, and humanity still holds the foundation of this planet.

With her hard work and by the grace of the God, she managed to make it to her dream place – the university. She imagined her life to be smooth, filled with unlimited fun. She expected a bunch of adventurous friends, all passionate about living their lives to the fullest, in her company.

But when she entered the university, she could feel she was engulfed in a dark shadow. Though she gave all her energy, she failed to fight back. She then chose to show the rude and arrogant aspect of her personality. She got lost between her old and new personalities. She thought she could never regain her “self”.

There was no option than to adjust to the surroundings and the trend. She made new friends and would not mind walking the extra mile when it came to help those who she thought “meant a lot” to her.

Then there came a moment in her life. Her belief was shattered.But she thought she had to move on and learn to become independent. A job would be a great idea, she told herself. More than money from the job, she wanted to earn self-confidence and self-respect.

For the whole year, she immersed herself into the work and put all the efforts she could, thinking someday that would be appreciated.

But things did not turn the way she had expected. When she was not paid for her job, she was shattered once again; not because she did not get the money, but because her passion and determination were ignored – buried somewhere.

She thought she was deceived once again; she even thought she was meant to be deceived. But was it?

The realisation then slowly dawned upon her. She was submissive, she lacked the courage to raise her voice and she remained silent most of the time expecting that the odds would someday stack in her favour. To be silent means to be vulnerable to domination. She pulled herself together. She realised one must speak up when there is injustice. She decided to fight back. All the battles in our lives are our own and we got to take on them with full force and determination.