Following fashion trends

Be it of 70s, 80s or 90s or the present era, our readers say fashion is an expression that is about being comfortable in what you wear

The time is passing every second in which new inventions, designs, technology and fashion are evolving. The evolution of fashion started during the Stone Age where people used to make clothes out of leaves to cover themselves up. After thousands of years, clothes have evolved to what we wear now and fashion changes every now and then. Dhaka topis, gunyo cholos, daura suruwal and saris were once the fashion, while tee-shirts and pants took over them. Now in the modern era people wear half-pants, jeans, dresses, ponchos, high heels and boots which are in fashion.

From the Stone Age to the current era, we have been come forward in the field of fashion. I think any fashion from daura suruwal to jeans is okay, but one should wear the right clothes for the right time and occasion. One should wear clothes according to seasons — summer, winter and autumn or according to occasions like party or work. People should judge themselves with the situation and select clothes accordingly.

— Tulip Gyawali


Fashion/ trend is something that changes every season. Fashion is not something when you have to compel yourself to fit into a particular dress. Instead it’s when you feel comfortable and beautiful wearing what you like. For example, I have seen people who try to look like others copying their style of clothes and then get disappointed when they don’t like the one they are copying. It is high time one changed one’s perception about fashion. You should dress for yourselves not for others, or to look like others.

Since I am not skinny, I like carrying off the tomboyish style where I can wear loose fitting tee-shirts. I don’t desire to carry off sari like most ladies do. But I prefer lehengas or kurtis. Similarly, everyone can have options and wear what they can carry well.

Wear what you love and don’t lose confidence in yourself.

— Shradha Neupane, Boudha, Mahankal


Change is the only thing that is constant in this world, and fashion is no exception. For me, fashion has not been a motivating factor as long as I can remember. Apart from formal occasions, I put comfort before dressing to please others. Otherwise, I will need to constantly keep myself updated on the changing fashion, year after year, and season after season, with added costs and possibly larger wardrobe space. In other words, I like to live light and simple. I guess I am somewhat of a spartan fellow.

— Rajendra Man Singh, Khusibu


From the punk and gypsy fashion to the current undetermined fashion, I would like to choose the previous era, where people looked smart and gentle. Time has changed everything — our ancestors were bare but we are here in the same situation because of our civilisation. Fashion simply determines our personality. In the name of fashion, people are wearing very thin and short clothes, which I find really disgusting. We people created fashion, not fashion according to time.

That’s why I would like to pick my father’s era as my favourite era of fashion. When we look back at my father’s era, people looked smart and gentle wearing Nepali clothes. I am not interested in fashion that is related with hip-hop or that fashion which is responsible for bringing more sexuality and vulgarity in society. Our life is uncertain, which is why we should live gently and smartly, rather than in a smutty manner. There is a small difference between slutty and sultry, so choose the best fashion for making difference in these two words and what you would like to be.

— Nabin Joshi, Mahendranagar-02, Kanchanpur


Fashion changes more quickly than the entire culture. No doubt, clothing at its most basic, is to keep us warm, but it serves many other functions. In my opinion, it needs, for instance, to preserve decency.

I feel like every individual shows their ideas and opinions by the way they look. They may want to look unique and make a mark as an individual. If we are going to a party or some other event, what we wear is meaningful. It is a bitter truth that people make their first opinion about us by looking at our clothes. It is very true that different fashion styles are being practised in different parts of the world. Fashion has been developed as per the requirement of people. Every individual has his/her favourite style of dressing. But fashion should be practised according to the place.

I pick classic style over other styles because it has characteristics that appeal to a majority of neat and tidy women. A classic style always gives a formal balance, which expresses a sense of stability. A combination of white and black gives a elegant look; expresses grace and tasteful style. Modesty and simplicity in dresses and habits should be the fashion trend.

— Shraddha Adhikari, Kalanki


Well I really don’t have any specific fashion era which I like. I really am optimistic about the fashion of 21st Century which is much different than that of 20th Century. For the matter of fact, fashion is about grabbing the opportunity of making oneself feel modern as well as latest in front of others. Not to forget it’s also about bringing changes in the way of thinking as per the passage of time in this world. Besides, fashion can also be observed in the film industry, music industry and in various magazines which has highly influenced and inspired people. To be honest, I am neither a follower or fashion nor do I watch any fashion channels on television. However, fashion has to be understood first and then only should it be followed. Only then will there probably be a higher chance for one to look better than others.

— Pratik Shrestha, Buddhanagar, Baneshwor


Like the human race fashion is ever evolving and each period has a unique style which makes each special from each other. Fashion trends of the past years are appearing now but with modern twists. We view fashion from a materialistic aspect, but in my view it is not limited to something physical. It is a product of someone’s psychology — it’s not just about making someone look appealing; fashion is a way of expression.

I don’t think anyone can simply choose a fashion trend over another; if one can, good for them for every fashion has its specialty which is why it becomes famous in that certain period. As for me, rather than a particular fashion era I like today’s age because fashion is really flexible. People don’t follow any trend but create their own trends which can never go out of fashion. On that note, I also want to say that fashion never goes out of fashion as confusing as it sounds, but it is the truth. We need to know that fashion is about expressing one’s personality with their looks and indeed to make us look attractive.

— Pema Wangmo Lama, Boudha


Whenever somebody asks me what fashion is, my answer is wearing whatever you feel comfortable wearing. I know it’s quite a cliched answer but also the most appropriate one. Well, in my case I don’t

have any era of fashion that I particularly stick to and neither do I update my wardrobe every single year. I am just a young college girl with very limited pocket money, so even if I want to update my wardrobe, I can’t really afford to.

I believe that in order to stand out in a crowd, you don’t necessarily have to be wearing some trendy, ongoing and cool fashion trends. In fact, the ongoing cool fashion trends are something so common that you can see every Tom, Dick and Harry wearing similar kinds of clothes. No guy/girl would want to wear something that almost everybody is wearing. Who doesn’t want to be unique after all? When I buy my clothes, instead of sticking to a particular era or instead of changing myself to every era, what I really prefer doing is buying something that immediately entices me. It could be a unique garb that I haven’t seen somebody else wearing before or something that is quite in trend. Until and unless I like it and believe that the clothes will add a fragrance to my original beauty, I don’t really need to go through any ongoing fashion magazines to assure myself of what I am supposed to wear.

— Mahima Poddar


From retro and gypsy fashion to the modern denim trend, fashion has gone through quite the roller coaster over the years. When it comes to fashion, preferences differ from person to person. While some may prefer the bold look flaunting their figure, others might go for more of a simple and sober outfit. Fashion is as an art which is not only about comfort and impressing people with style, but also about unveiling your true self and how you want to showcase yourself to the world. It allows us to evolve. Even though I belong to a generation where fashion of the past era, like that of the 90s is diminishing, I would still love to put them on, given the standard and distinctiveness without any qualms because I like it. As for me, there is no such fashion era best for me. That said, the kind of clothes I am donning should be sensible, smart, classy and comfortable depending on what the occasion is, and not the random ones deemed to be of the latest trend when they actually look bizarre.

— Tejaswini Khadka, Balaju-16


From conventional dressing to dressing to express yourself, we have certainly come a long way. In hundred years, we have seen drastic changes in fashion. For me 90’s is the best era for fashion as it had proved to be a huge transformation. The 70’s and the 80’s were all about excess and glamour when it came to fashion but by the 90’s, most of that influence was gone and was replaced by the era of casual and relaxed clothing in simpler colours and cuts. Fashion in 90’s was influenced by grunge, hip-hop, and rave subcultures from the essence of music, war, economy, cars, gangs, celebrities, sports, and so much more since before we were even born.

During 90’s tee-shirts, shorts, jeans, trainers, sweatshirts, hoodies, tattoos, piercings, and prominently displayed brands comprised the majority of any man’s closet. In fact, the shift towards a more casual work uniform began thanks to the 90’s and its rejection of stuffiness and formality.

— Ayush Shrivastav


Fashion is always the freedom of expression and the level of comfort of an individual. The sense of humour and the way one dresses up depends upon how much an individual is a fashionista. Fashion is not something that one person wears, instead it is the trend that comes on the doorstep of the market in a wide and open range. In ancient days it was a matter of pride to wear that came in the market, but these days it is something that rarely exists in the shop.

If a dress matches the next person’s, then it is not fashion — instead it is copying the dressing style of another person which is totally senseless and a waste of time. The scenery fashion has been changing drastically with change in time. Some stick with time and the situation, whereas some run with the colours and the available numbers.

From health point of view, fashion should be considered as one of the most important factors as in the name of fashion people are losing their natural body structure. When it comes to the latest brand in the market, ladies are always in the front line. Wearing tight jeans may cause health problems in the lower part of the body. Wearing trendy inner-wear may lead to several internal disorders and disease as that clothing may not be suitable for all skin types. When it comes to the choice of colours, one might not choose according to the environment. For me, fashion means the way one’s personality is seen and watched by people. It should be according to the level of comfort and situation no matter how ancient it may be. Even a wardrobe of a grand-mum can be used as the latest style if the colour combination and style are matched.

— Susmita Thapa, Jorpati , Besigaun


I think every era has different fashion to offer. If we look back to 70s, 80s or 90s we can find different kinds of fashion trends which were really fascinating. Many of the fashion trends at the moment have been inspired by those eras — be it the palazzos, anarkali, drape sari, long kurti, baggy pants and so on which are in trend currently. Therefore, when it comes to following some particular fashion era and choosing one as the best among others, I

basically get inspired by those kinds of fashion trends which suits my body type and where I am comfortable wearing that particular attire. It does not matter whether it is gypsy, punk or the one which is in the current trend. I go for those things which complement my personality rather than focusing on the fashion trend in general.

— Tejaswi Pahari, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur


The best fashion era to my mind is of the 1960s and 1970s when bell-bottomed pants were invented to go with already existing double-breasted jackets. This was the time of great creativity in the international fashion scene with flare pants, torn jeans, wide belts, floral and mural colours, boots, heavy accessories, long hairs et cetera. Some of the most iconic designers like Issey Miyake, my eternal favourite, emerged during the era. What we see today is an unexciting range of makeovers from the era gone by for men’s fashion.

— Manohar Shrestha, Kathmandu


Although fashion makes people modern and attractive however, I don’t appreciate it as many people do. That is because of its disadvantages or what we called its demerits. Firstly, in my opinion, a person looks more cultured and attractive in traditional attire. Nonetheless, it feels uneasy to some. For example, in the context of Nepal, ours is a

multicultural society. If someone comes to the city from village in his/her traditional clothes, he/she might be the foolish person in the particular area.

Secondly, if people want to protect their culture and identities, they should not forget their traditional wear and it might be plausible by avoiding fashion trends. For instance, nowadays most of the developing countries like Nepal follow western fashion and slowly they are forgetting their traditional attire. That’s why our cultural identities are on the verge of extinction.

On the other hand, it is hard to avoid the fashion in this modern world. In fact, to protect our culture and ancestral identity fashion should be reduced. Similarly, a new fashion makes people attractive but not familiar to each other. It might bring violence and it might be the curse for the poor.

— Raju Poudyal, Khudunabari-9, Jhapa


Fashion is not just only a trend but also the legacy individual carries reflecting his or her personality. From punk, vintage to warrior, every fashion eras holds their own uniqueness and trends of one era leads to another emerging completely with new designs.

Everybody holds their own opinion when it comes to fashion. It’s not a new thing if one’s taste doesn’t matches with another’s. For me, the Victorian era is the best and I am still inspired and fascinated by the Victorian trends and the best part of Victorian era is that their trends don’t go out of order in this today’s world. When it comes to fancy dresses with umbrella skirt or the gown with high collar — these dresses can still be the talk of the town in parties and the women’s hat are still the heart of summer. And those gorgeous long coats never go out of trend in winter picked from Victorian era.

— Pratichhya Tripathi


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